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Back to the Future the Musical. Does it have a Future?
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Back to the Future the Musical. Does it have a Future?

Spoiler alert - YES! its truly amazing... read more to find out why? After its hugely successful opening in the UK winning multiple awards – Back to the future . the musical is finally oping on Broadway - Here at the winter garden theatre the location of the hit show is hard to miss with it’s huge DeLorean time machine complete with fire tracks.. and not only has it got the largest sign of any theatre in Broadway – it also has its own merch store dedicated to all things back to the future. Distinctively eighties in tis theme and style the store is a treasure trove for back the future fans with everything from t shirts and hooddies unique to the Broadway show, to bags printed with the Hill Vally telegraph. Inside the theater – there’s no mistaking this is back to the future, just has to be one of the coolest sets in Broadway – and the show hasn’t even started yet Sticking closely to the story we all know and love the show does an incredible job of hitting the longed for beats of the original without sticking slavishly to the what went before. The show does not disappoint, this musical is a feat for the eyes and ears, playing tribute to the original musical themes and songs from the movie as well as well as adding some new ones – it leans heavily on the comedy to justify some of its musical numbers but still delivers the emotional scenes – and yes – it does have a fully functioning flying DeLorean!
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