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We Tour NYC in the Ecto-1 - Dressed as Ghostbusters

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Hey there, fellow explorers! What better way to start up our official Experience Explorers website by returning to one of the coolest experiences we have ever had in New York…

Today has been an absolutely incredible adventure in NYC!

Just imagine cruising the streets of New York dressed as a Ghostbuster! I mean, seriously, my 10-year-old self would've freaked out!

We had the privilege of driving the one and only Ecto-1, and let me tell you, it's the coolest thing we've ever done in the Big Apple! Nicky, the owner of this epic car, warned us it would be like being rock stars or the president, and he wasn't kidding! People were going wild, taking pictures, and smiling from ear to ear!

As we hit the heavy traffic, we couldn't believe the attention this car was getting! It's a massive vehicle, 21 feet long and over 5,000 pounds, but driving it was a piece of cake for Nicky. The real challenge was navigating through all the excited fans on the streets.

Dressed up as Ghostbusters, we embarked on a mission to visit three iconic filming locations from the movie, New York Public Library, Dana Barrett’s apartment, and the Ghostbusters firehouse.

First stop, the New York Public Library, where a crowd quickly gathered as we unloaded our gear recreated the scene of the ghostbusters running down the steps. People's reactions were priceless!

Next, we headed to Dana Barrett's apartment on central park west. We loaded out the proton packs, suited up and headed into the building, asking the onlookers if we had seen any ghosts the doorman let us into the building and up to the stairwell. People were gawking, taking videos, and having the time of their lives. The energy was off the charts!

Driving through the city, we encountered cops who joined in on the fun playing the Ghostbusters theme as they followed behind, making us feel like real Ghostbusters! The whole experience was surreal, and it felt like the happiest New York City has ever been. The smiles on people's faces were contagious!

Finally, we reached the Ghostbusters firehouse, standing there with Ecto-1 was mind-blowing! We even recreated that iconic shot of the car leaving the firehouse to go out it on its first call, it was epic!

This day has been an absolute blast, and I can't thank Nicky enough for making it all possible. It's a dream come true to drive this car in the streets of NYC dressed as a Ghostbuster. My 40-year-old self is still geeking out! This is definitely one for the books, and we'll do it again anytime!

Nicky is now offering an official Ghostbusters tour of NYC – where you can dress as Ghostbusters, visit iconic locations of NYC in the Ecto 1. Check out @ecto1NJ for more details. As soon as the tour is open we will be sure to cover it in our chanel.

Hope you enjoyed this unforgettable vlog, and as always, stay tuned for more awesome adventures! Smash that like button, hit subscribe, and comment below with your favorite Ghostbusters moment! Until next time, keep chasing those adventures! 👻🚀

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